Rules, Etiquette & Dress Code

Please remember to respect the course and other players

Golf Etiquette

Golfers are requested not to play until preceding players are well out of range.

Sharing one bag or set of clubs between 2 or more players is not permitted.

Only players are allowed on the course. Caddies and spectators are not permitted.

No one should stand close to, or move or make a noise when a player is making a stroke.

No one should play a stroke until the players in front are well out of range.

Players at all times should try to avoid causing delay to those following them.

Players looking for a lost ball or losing ground on those in front should stand aside aand signal those following to pass.

Players should try to leave the course in the condition they find it by replacing divots, smoothing bunkers, etc.

Local Rules

Do not cross any walls or fences bounding the course.

No liability can be accepted by the owners for any injury or damage sustained on the golf course or for loss or damage of any personal property left on the course.

Never leave your valuables in the car.

The owner reserves the right to refuse admission.

Always repair pitch marks and replace divots.

Dress Code

Smart informal

Smart jeans are allowed

Golf shoes recommended